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How to order and design a decal

Choose a vehicle type in order to change colors on the screen


Always measure the height & width of the decal area you are going to put the decal on.


The height is measured from top to bottom.


The width is measured from left to right.


In the height & width drop-down box select the measurements given and it is to scale as you see it on the screen. If you wish to place a "Side Accent" decal over a front or rear wheel well it can be done but based on the size you order and the area your covering you may have to cut off any excess that goes into the wheel well.


This drop-down box allows you to change the color you wish your decal to be, it will then change to that color.
There are no background colors to any of our decals they are all die-cut from vinyl, (just the decal color).

Vehicle Type

This drop-down box is for viewing purposes only. By selecting a vehicle type you will be able to view the decal on a car or truck and also be able to change the color of the decal. If you wish to have your decal go over any other area of your car or truck we strongly advise you to measure.

Location & Mirroring

The "Mirroring" drop-down box is for reversing the decal. You are purchasing the decal based on how it appears in the display. "Normal" is how it appears initially. "Reversing" is for the other side of the car or opposite direction. Using the "Location" drop-down box and choosing "Both Sides" you receive two decals, (one facing the "normal" way and one facing the "reverse" way). By choosing this you will see the price double for two. This allows you to have two separate decals in opposite directions of each other so you can choose the direction you wish them to face on either side of the car. The Location drop down box also allows you to view the decal on both sides of the car. If you choose "Hood" in the location drop down box you will see the vehicle change to a hood screen shot, this is for viewing purposes only and you should always measure your hood for correct sizing. If you are ordering a hood decal and wish to have it made so that it faces each other you can order 1 in "Normal" and add it to cart and then go back and order 1 in "Reverse". Be sure that you order them the correct size so that when they are put together on the hood they aren't larger then the hood when put together.

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